Wedding Shawl

Wedding Shawl

My dear friend Jess got married in October 2021. As her Maid of Honor, I wanted to make her something truly special, to wrap her in warmth for her outdoor evening wedding. 

I started with some beautiful Red Heart Hygge yarn in white. Hygge is a heavier weight, but super soft and cozy. Once I had my yarn, I chose to base the garment off the Morass Shawl by Natasha Robarge from Interweave Crochet. Though the original pattern uses sock weight yarn, it scaled up for a thicker yarn nicely. 

Once the body of the shawl was finished according to the pattern, I decided this shawl needed some extra details. I started by adding a collar to the center, to help give extra structure to the garment and stabilize the neckline more to support the weight of the heavier yarn I used. 

After the neckline, I realized that though the garment was bulky, there wasn't enough weight on the edges to help pull the lace more into place to show off the intricate pattern. I decided to add a mixture of artificial pearls and glass beads to the bottom of the garment. 

Though the process was tedious, ultimately it was worth the headache. 

The finished piece came together gracefully in the end, and I'm so glad I was able to make my friend's day a little more special. 

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